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How to Rip from Amazon loselessly.
So, you want to learn how to rip from Amazon loselessly. This guide will teach you how to. I'm just gonna be as straight forward as possible! This is for Chrome browsers only!
1. Download Widevine L3 Decryptor. The original github repository got shut down, so here's a fork of it: [](
2. Download a zip extracting program and then extract it. I recommend 7-Zip.
3. go to chrome://extensions, and turn developer mode on. Then press "Load unpacked" then find the extracted Widevine L3 Decryptor folder.
4. Then, go to any Amazon Prime Video movie or TV show that you like. (RECOMMENDED) Before clicking the front page of the item, MAKE SURE TO PRESS INSPECT ELEMENT BEFORE YOU GO INTO THE VIDEO PAGE.
5. Open Inspect Element and go to console. You should see the key and the kid, but there are multiple key's and kid's. So to determine whats the real deal, type mpd in Network on Inspect Element. Click the first one that is there. Usually, it would download the mpd file on other sites, but for this one site, it lets you see the text.
6. wherever it says " cenc:default\_KID="" on the mpd file on the top, thats the kid for the video, now compare this to the inspect element console, you have your key for the video.
7. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING NOTEPAD TO GATHER THE KID AND KEY INFO. I put the things as Kid (Video): Kid and Key (Video): Key
8. Then get the information about the Audio kid and key and put it as Kid (Audio): Kid and Key (Audio): Key
9. Download the audio and video mp4 files. The video and audio files are like this: video\_12.mp4 and audio\_11.mp4, if you want to get it loselessly, count up and press enter on every single number until it gets a 404 error, then you have to go back a number and thats the loseless video and audio file. I put the file as movietitleVIDEO\_Encrypted.mp4 and movietitleAUDIO\_Encrypted.mp4
10. Ok, so now you have to get mp4decrypt from here: [](
11. Put mp4decrypt into the folder where you saved the encrypted audio and video file.
12. Next, comes the fun part! so for mp4decrypt in cmd prompt, you have to type "mp4decrypt --key kid:key "sourcevideotitle.mp4" "exportedvideotitle.mp4". Do that with Audio and video.
13. Last step, put the audio and video in mkvToolnix GUI and export. then you are done.
Ok, so it's a lot of work, but it is pretty easy to do if you do all of the steps correctly. Thats it.