Write and deploy modern PHP 8 code, today.
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Write and deploy modern PHP 8 code, today.

This is a transpiler that will allow native usage of php8 features and especially syntax in projects and libraries, while allowing maintainers to publish a version targeting 7.0 or even lower versions of php.

The transpiler will seamlessly hook into composer to transpile the package (and all dependencies down the current branch of the dependency tree!) on installation, on the user's machine, targeting the user's specific php version (or another one specified in the config).

This project is mostly ready, and I would love some feedback on design and APIs.

Created by Daniil Gentili


After hooking into composer, the transpilation process begins.

1. Composer dependency graph

All dependencies of a package with a phabel configuration are processed with phabel with the same configuration, to allow transpiling towards an arbitrary version of PHP; composer takes care of choosing the best package, according to the current version of PHP.

2. Phabel plugin graph

All plugins specified in the configuration of each package are added to the phabel plugin graph.
The plugin graph takes care of properly trickling configuration values and plugins down the dependency graph, as well as plugin graph optimization by merging multiple transforms (if allowed) in a single AST traversal.

It will also detect circular references in plugin dependencies.

3. Plugins

3.1 AST traversal

Each phabel plugin can specify multiple leave* and enter* methods, called when traversing down or up the dependency graph.
These methods will be called only for nodes matching the typehint of the parameter.

A second, optional parameter can be provided, to allow the Traverser to pass a Context object with helper methods for replacing nodes in arbitrary positions of the AST stack.

3.2 Plugin dependencies

Plugins can also specify other plugins as "dependencies" or "reverse dependencies", with the runBefore, runAfter, runWithBefore, runWithAfter methods, to force some transforms to run before others.
By using the *with* methods, additional plugin graph optimization is allowed by merging multiple transforms in a single AST traversal.

Each phabel plugin can also accept a configuration: this a simple way to reuse code, by specifying a single plugin for a class of transforms, and then requiring it from other plugins, specifying a specific configuration to trigger only certain transforms.

3.3 Plugin configuration

Configuration arrays are coupled with plugins when resolving the plugin graph.
When possible, the plugin graph will try to merge a plugin with multiple configs into a single (or fewer) plugins using the mergeConfigs method of the plugin.

This merge method will be called automatically during plugin graph flattening, if requirement links allow it.

4. Transforms

Multiple transforms are available, covering all PHP 7 features.
More complex and generic transforms like typehint and nested expression polyfilling can be found in the plugin folder.