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💊 ReVanced Manager

The official ReVanced Manager based on Flutter.

Warning: This repository currently has no active maintainer. For that reason, development is stale. Active development continues for revanced-cli. If you are interested in maintaining this repository, please let us know at

🔽 Download

To download the Alpha version of Manager, go here and install the provided APK file.

📝 Prerequisites

  1. Android 8 or higher
  2. Does not work on some armv7 devices
  3. Vanced MicroG required for YouTube and YouTube Music (Only for non-root)

⚠️ Disclaimer

Please note that even though we're releasing the Manager, it is an ALPHA version. There's a big chance that the Manager might not work at all for you.

🔴 Issues

For suggestions and bug reports, open an issue here.

💭 Discussion

If you wish to discuss the Manager, a thread has been made under the #development channel in the Discord server, please note that this thread may be temporary and may be removed in the future.

🌐 Translation


If you wish to translate ReVanced Manager, we're accepting translations on Crowdin

🛠️ Building Manager from source

  1. Setup flutter environment for your platform
  2. Clone the repository locally
  3. Add your github token in like this
  4. Open the project in terminal
  5. Run flutter pub get in terminal
  6. Then flutter packages pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs (Must be done on each git pull)
  7. To build release apk run flutter build apk